Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud computing is an expression used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network.

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IT Security Services

Surveillance is the monitoring of any behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them.

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IT Infrastructure Services

Emerging technologies such as the SMAC stack have changed the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations and domains. We keep you up to date with Technology.

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Networking Services

We prefer secure and monitored IT infrastructure for the clients and we implement that in many different way which normally goes with Surveillance Solutions.

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ISO Consulting

We are proud to serve clients ranging from small one person operations up to global blue-chip organisations for whom we offer set-up assistance and ongoing support with their Certification.

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IT Consulting and Training

We offer on-site evaluations in order to get to know your business and customize your services to not only optimize your current needs but to make your goals for the future possible

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What We Can Offer


we provide expertise solutions for your requirement by analyzing the problems and providing immediate solutions that is intended to be used for certain applications.


Team designated for you is dedicated to you and all your requirements 24/7 and will not be working on other solution so maximal concentration is on your requirements.


With every requirement we check latest standards which we will implement in our work so we guarantee that our work is top notch by the latest standards.


Unique solution for your requirements as result of over 10 years of research in the latest standards by leading world experts.

From Idea To Realization

Our consultants provide services and make recommendations to public, companies, firms and industries.

From idea to realization most important step is consulting so we can analyze every aspect of the solution you require.

Here is important that you state all your requirements and our team of engineers with a lot of experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs.

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the requirement activities to achieve a desired goal.

Production planning is the planning of production and solving a problem in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities in order to serve different customers.

Different types of problem solving methods have their own type of planning.

In this step our engineers finish their analysis and blueprints with last feedback from you before starting the execution of the project.

Engineers are being given detail instructions and clearing any doubts with  clients on how thing are need to be done.

All tools is being prepared for work ( if working remotely ) and prepared for usage. In this step all is double checked so risk of large issue is minimal.

Execution is the step when solution is being finally built. Now  we step in take the control of the solution with constant supervising by team of engineers which are dedicated to project.

Since in previous steps everything is double checked chances to something goes wrong in this step are minimal and only what is required is time for the solution to be finished.

Our every project so far was finished right on time so there is no chance that the deadline is being passed. Here you can do only smaller changes to the project.

This step means that your solution is almost finished and now again our engineers step in to do the final testing and fine tunes if required. Here every inch of the solution is being thoroughly testing for any inconsistencies and if there are any it needs to be fixed.

This is the step which can prolong project finish but in our experience this was never the case.

During the execution step team is designing testing steps which are planned so everything can go smoothly and without any unplanned failures.

This step means that the project is finished and fully functional without the issue.

At this step you or your team will receive complete documentation on how to use solution together with certain amount of educational hours depending on the project complexity.

Beside on how to use documentation you will also receive list of possible issues, which can occur as a result of the exploitation and material consumption, with the explanation on how to resolve them in a safe and precise way.